A Goddess for Every Need

A selection of divine figures from world religions, and how they can help you in your daily life.

BY: Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway


The Goddess in her many forms is accessible to modern women for divine inspiration and guidance with all aspects of our lives. They can help increase finances and good fortune, bring love and success, enhance intuition, and ward off negativity. Most of the figures below are actively worshipped or considered goddesses in one tradition or another; and others, like Mary Magdalene, are revered as spiritual heroines or saints. Find out which divine female can help most as you learn to empower your self-esteem and spirituality and bring out the goddess in you!

Goddesses of Work and Finances



, Hindu goddess of fortune, gives you a hand -- or four -- increasing your income, your financial potential and your ability to plan for your future.


, Greek goddess of the hunt, helps you pursue your career goals with passion and focus.


, Celtic Irish goddess of inspiration, poetry, birth and blacksmithing, helps you find your inspiration and creative flow.


, Greek goddess of retribution, helps you handle office politics and troublemakers while helping you see ways you sabotage yourself.



, Hindu Mother goddess of protection and war, helps you draw your boundaries and protect yourself from negative energies.

St. Térèse

, beloved Catholic Saint known as The Little Flower is a spiritual heroine for women of all faiths. She helps you get even the most menial jobs done by showing you the relevance, power, and sacredness in life's little chores.

Goddesses of Self


, Egyptian goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, helps you to your inner light and shows you how truly beautiful you are.


, Hebrew Goddess, said to be Adam's first wife, was demonized in the Bible but is an empowered woman in Kabbalah and Feminine spiritually. She helps you discover your dark and wild side.


, Yoruban goddess of wind, hurricane and wild weather, helps you welcome the winds of change.


, Greek goddess of Victory and herald of success, helps you claim your victories in life.

Goddesses of Strength


, mother of Jesus, is not considered a goddess in the Catholic Faith yet has all the powers of a divine female and is the primary representation of the feminine divine for 2000 years, making her the Spiritual Mother for us all. She helps you connect to your healing power.


, goddess of wisdom in Gnostic Christianity, is also referred to in Hebrew texts and the books of Solomon. She helps you tap into, and trust, your own intuition.

Kwan Yin
Kwan Yin

Kuan Yin

, Chinese goddess of healing and compassion, helps you find compassion for yourself, and others.

Green Tara

, Tibetan Buddhist goddess of protection, helps you feel safe and shows you how to stay calm and centered in a crisis.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

, Native American Spirit Woman, is the mystical feminine force who taught great sacraments to her people. She helps you connect with the true nature of the soul and create a more peaceful life... and world.

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