The Evolution Revolution

Move over Darwin. James Redfield and Co. are extending the theory of evolution to the spiritual realm.

James RedfieldJames Redfield is the author of numerous books, the best known being "The Celestine Prophecy," which held a coveted place on the New York Times Best-Seller List for three years in the mid-1990s. In 1996, his second book, "The Tenth Insight," also made the list. He has just completed a script for a film based on "Celestine Prophecy."

Let's start by talking about the premise of your new book.

I wrote "God and The Evolving Universe" with Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers. Michael is famous for having founded the Esalen Institute in California, the largest and oldest human potential growth center in the U.S. Sylvia is a documentary filmmaker.

The three of us came together with the idea for a comprehensive book on spirituality, which would cross all religions, and focus on the spiritual experience itself--as opposed to dogmas or beliefs.

It's our argument that the interest in spirituality now, especially as it is focused on personal experience, represents a new step in evolution, and that we are cultivating a new set of spiritual abilities, such as intuitive knowing.


We try to show how humans can participate in evolution if they practice, if they find their own way--prayer, meditation, or other methods--to cultivate this blossoming spirituality in their own lives.

What's the difference between a spiritual capability and a paranormal ability?

We argue that since the evolution of the world is a spiritual process, then all human development is a spiritual process. So the fact that we acknowledge intuitive capabilities now is a step toward the fulfillment of this spiritual potential that we all have, both individually and collectively.

So you're saying inherently, as part of the definition, everything is spiritual.

Yes. We're trying to make the case for that.

I believe that these experiences are self-evidently spiritual. In other words, this talent to be an intuitive is part of an overall experience of the world as a non-material place in which we can remember and start to have correspondence with other dimensions.

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Interview by Anne A. Simpkinson
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