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Consciousness as Reality

Where do galaxies, ants and quarks really come from? Four scientists search for the truth behind being and sensation

Related Topics: Faiths, Mathematics, Quantum Theory, Scientists Search, Physics, Southern California, Click Photos, Consciousness, Conscious Realism, University, Elemental Question


A Statement by American Muslims Rejecting Terror

We state unequivocally that neither al Qaeda nor Osama bin Laden represents Islam or reflects Muslim beliefs

Related Topics: Faiths, Islamic Center, Muslim, University, Islam, Muslim Community Center, American Muslim, American Muslim Council, Islamic American University, Justice, Mountain School


Judge OKs Qur'an Reading Assigment

Lawsuit supporters say suit forced university to make the reading and discussion program voluntary.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Program, Discussion Groups, Students, Reading Program, Temporary Restraining Order, Reading, Discussion Program Voluntary, Reading Requirement, University, Program Costs


American Hindu Students
Keep the Faith

Hindu students at U.S. colleges place more emphasis on Hinduism's values than on its rituals.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Student, University Students, Hindu College Students, Hindu, Music Students Kitchen, Chapters, University, Religious Festival Celebrations, Holding Religious Festival


Soka Gakkai Opens University in California

Soka Gakkai International inaugurates a brand new liberal arts college with a Buddhist bent--open to anyone.

Related Topics: Faiths, Buddhism, University, Campus, Liberal Arts College, Global Citizens, Student, Foreign Languages, Controversial Japanese Sect, Not So Typical College Experience, Education, University President


Vatican OKs U.S. Catholic Higher Education Norms

Controversial rules assert tighter controls over who may teach theology at America's 235 Roman Catholic colleges, universities

Related Topics: Theological Discipline, University, Bishops Conferences, Diocesan Bishop, Church Authorities, Authority, Bishop, Catholic, Competent Ecclesiastical Authority, Norm, News


Mascot Switch

The original mascot names of these teams, considered offensive to Native Americans, have all been changed in recent years

Related Topics: Faiths, University, Siena College, Dartmouth College, Marys College, Simpson College, City University Chiefs, Oklahoma City University, Eastern Michigan University, Southern Nazarene University

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