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What Really Happened on the First Palm Sunday

Ever wonder what happened on the first Palm Sunday? Here are four testimonies – from people who were there and saw it firsthand.

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Discover Joy_celebrate positive changes


10 Ways to Fill Your Soul

Bad news, negative people and ordinary day-to-day problems can bring you down quickly. But no matter how grave things appear, you always have the choice to enrich your life. Giving meaning to your life involves filling your soul with beautiful and inspiring things. Need to re-fill your soul today? Try these ways and feel your soul breathe again.

Related Topics: Soul, Life, Day To Day Life, Best Life, Choices, Transformation, Tranquil Soul


Awesome Ideas to Add to Your Bucket List

Whether you’ve started crafting your bucket list or not, here are 10 awesome ideas to add to it, for the risk taker in you. We promise they will change your life forever.

Related Topics: Awesome, Ideas, Bucket List, Travel, Explore, Adventure, Challenge, Transformation, Risk

Illness and Recovery


Breaking Through to the Blessed Life

Do not wait until you reach heaven to see the gifts you have been given here on earth. Right now, God wants you to have a taste of what awaits.

Related Topics: Abundance, Faith, Self, Blessing, Promise, Jesus, Christ, John 10, God's Word, Life, Transformation

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My Best Life, Yet

If you haven’t found what you have been created for just yet, that doesn’t give you any reason to not live your best life.

Related Topics: Life, Expectations, God, Transformation, Proverbs, Relationships, Creation


Joan Chittister on Transformation

Transformation is just part of our evolution, Joan Chittister muses.

Related Topics: Transformation, Odyssey, Joan Chittister

Paid in Full


Paid in Full

Paid in Full

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