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Evolution Debate

Blogs, videos, articles and more features on the human evolution religion debate. Get different perspectives on evolution creationism and the theory of evolution.

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Why Is Ben Stein Talking About Darwin?

In 'Expelled,' the actor shows his serious side when he tackles Darwin, Intelligent Design, and academic freedom

Related Topics: People Dont, Darwins, Academic, Darwinism, Phone Interview, Academic Freedom, Darwinism Doesnt, Entertainment, Theory, Theory Explaining Evolution


Pope Benedict XVI: Neither Creationist Nor Hardline Darwinist

The pope's views on evolution are nuanced, and he sees no contradiction between science and the Bible.

Related Topics: Faiths, Evolution, Benedict, Science, Human Persons, Scientific, Natural Sciences, Living Creation, Natural Selection, Theory, Catholic, Empirical Science


A 'Da Vinci Code' Study Guide

Use this resource to help clarify your thoughts and focus discussion about the book and movie.

Related Topics: Sacred Bloodline, Questions, Secret Society, Information, Grail, Entertainment, The Da Vinci Code, Theory, Secret Societies, Medieval Times, Christianity


Catholics and Evolution: Interview with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Are Christian values compatible with Darwinism? A Catholic leader sets out his views on evolution and intelligent design.

Related Topics: Faiths, Teach Intelligent Design, Evolution, Evolution Beliefs, Intelligent, Christian Teaching, Evolution Theory, Theory, Evolution Debate, Scientific Theory, Catholic, Question


The Scopes Trial, Take Two

A fictional account of how the century's most famous trial would play out today

Related Topics: Entertainment, Scopes, Natural Selection, Biology, Theory, Evolutionary Theory, Natural Selection Theory, Press Conference, School, Public Schools, Creation Stories


The Consolation of Karma

Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman talks about how suffering, even through the tsunami disaster, can offer a karmic advantage.

Related Topics: Faiths, Buddhism, Karma, Theory, Biological Theory, Suffering, Karma Theory, Genetic Biological Theory, Life, Terrible Karma Thing, Traditional Mourning Period, Im


Ask the Swami: Dharma vs. Darwin?

If you're bad enough, will you be reincarnated as an amoeba? Vedic perspectives on evolution, dinosaurs, Mars, and the Big Bang.

Related Topics: Faiths, Evolution, Mind, Life, Cyclical Universe Theory, Bang Theory, Physical Plane, Theory, Aquatic Life, Material Nature, Sense, Hinduism

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