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Things You Can Always Be Grateful For

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to take certain things for granted. But when you're feeling empty you can always fill up on thanks. Start now with this list of things you can always be thankful for...

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5 Proverbs to Help you Survive the Holidays

We all want everything to be just right during the Christmas season. We want picture-perfect decorations, scrumptious feasts, and wonderful presents, writes Pastor Steven Estes. “But life often doesn’t go according to plan.”

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News, Proverbs, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Holidays

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Top 5 Ways To Avoid Black Friday Shopping

For many shoppers, Black Friday is one of the best days of the year and for others, the worst. For those who would rather avoid the maddness, here are the top five ways to avoid Black Friday.

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Thanksgiving Vegetarian Style

Here are 5 recipes for your vegetarian Thanksgiving guests. Odds are your other guests will love them too.

Related Topics: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Recipes, Vegetarian Meal, Vegetarian Recipes

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Prayers for Family at Thanksgiving

Kid-friendly thanksgiving prayers can be silly or not. Gather round your little ones at Thanksgiving time, and share these "fun for family" prayers of Thanksgiving!

Related Topics: Thanksgiving, Love And Family, Family Prayer, Thanksgiving Prayers



Five Simple Prayers for Evening

As the day comes to a close and we finally find time to relax and unwind, it’s important to spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection.

Related Topics: Reflection, Thanksgiving, God, Scriptures, Petitions, 1 Thessalonians, Christ, Lessons

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5 Ways to Bring Thanksgiving Into Your Life

Here are 5 ways to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Related Topics: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Special

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Thanksgiving Feast On A Budget

Planning a Thanksgiving dinner can be expensive. Here are some tips to plan a delicious dinner on a budget.

Related Topics: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Dinner, Love And Family, Holiday Celebrations

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Tips to Being a Successful Black Friday Shopper

Black Friday is not a day to window shop or browse; it's a day to treat shopping like a sport. Here are some ways to be a successful Black Friday shopper.

Related Topics: Black Friday, Black Friday Online Shopping, Love And Family, Thanksgiving


5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Meaningful

Here are five new suggestions for deepening our Thanksgiving celebrations and others experience the profound gift of thanks giving that makes our lives radiate with love.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Thanksgiving, Family Values

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