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Bestselling Author Hank Hanegraaff: Jerusalem’s Temple will never be rebuilt

Jesus instructed His disciples to leave Jerusalem and forget the idea of reestablishing the historic Kingdom of David

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Gethsemane Episcopal Church


Sacred Places Right Here in America!

A house of worship is a spiritual home, a community center, a place of prayer - and, often, a work of art. The book "House of Worship" offers a glimpse into some of the most interesting and original houses of worship in the United States.

Related Topics: Faith Communities, Sacred Travel, Prayer Niche, Islamic Cultural Center, Muslim, Buddhist Temple, Mulitfaith, Presbyterian Church, Judaism, Islam, Plaza Entry Angles, Church, Power Spots, Gallery, Buddhism, Saints Chapel, Earth, Temple, Chapel, Interior, Jewish, Christianity, Buddha

Your Favorite Houses of Worship


Your Favorite Houses of Worship

From a charming church in the Greek Isles to a soaring cathedral in Idaho to a colorful temple in Singapore, Beliefnet members share photos of their favorite places to pray, at home and throughout the world. Check out these stunning photos, then visit the Beliefnet Community to find more and share your own.

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'Wearing Garments Is Beautiful'

A Latter-day Saint explains how wearing sacred temple garments helps deepen her faith.

Related Topics: Temple Garments Helps, Faiths, Symbolism, Distribution Centers, Latter Day Saints, Covenants Youve, Symbolism Points, Sacred Temple Garments, Temple, Garment, Temple Worthy, Covenants


Hare Krishna at 40

Once reviled as a cult, they've abandoned airport proselytizing for life as a mainstream American denomination.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, ISKCON, Leadership, Leadership Positions, Temple, Indian Immigrants, Counseling, Average Person Couldnt, Social Service Programs, Worship, Middlebury College


Krishna's Birthday Bash

Krishna, the blue-faced prankster, is a beloved Hindu deity. His birthday, Janmashtami, is a joyous day with a serious message. (Editors' Note: This article first appeared on Beliefnet in 2005)

Related Topics: Faiths, Hindu, Krishna, Temple, Indian Temples, Janmashtami, Naughty Child, Baby Krishna, Naughty Child Hankering, Indian Temples Favor, Child, Instant Bonding


Taking Care of Your Temple

Exercise guru Donna Richardson Joyner tells women they can't be God's 'leading ladies' if their bodies are unhealthy.

Related Topics: Healthy Lifestyle, Unhealthy Children, Youre, Unhealthy, Women, Gospel Music, Temple, Lifestyle, Physical Fitness, Prayer Line


A Divine Warning?

Hindus interpret mysterious markings on temples throughout the island of Bali.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Temple, White Chalk, Divine Warning, Police, Family Temple Compound, Indonesian Resort Island, Bali, White Chalk Marks, White Crosses, Warning


How Ganesha Became Our Life's Pilot

Three days. Eight temples. A devotee of the Hindu God Ganesha shares the epiphanies and adventures of an intense pilgrimage.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Temple, Pilgrimage, Sandalwood Paste, Ganesha, Traditional Order, Stone Pillars, Ashtavinayaka, Temple Dates, Final Pilgrimage Day, Worship

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