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Beliefnet presents spiritually-focused content for teens that deals with dating, family, relationships, school, peer pressure, sexuality, morals, and more.

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What Do Today’s Teens Think About Jesus?

A pollster recently asked teenagers who consider themselves Christians what they think about Jesus. His findings are troubling.

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What Every Mom Should Discuss with Her Daughter

New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst and bestselling author and social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn in their new book "Made to Crave for Young Women" say mothers need to equip their teen girls with certain vital skills.

Related Topics: Teen, Teen Girls, Lysa Terkeust's Made To Crave Devotional


How to Get Your Teenager to Trust You

A teenager is just like anybody else. If you want them to trust you, that trust must be earned!

Related Topics: Teen, Teenager, Trust, Advice For Parents

Music that soothes your soul


Is Your Teenager Depressed?

In Dr. Gregg Jantz’s new book, parents will learn to distinguish between normal adolescent behavior and clinical depression.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Family, Teen, Teenager, Parenting, Emotional Health, Depression, Depressed

10 Biblical Lessons High School Musical movie Disney


10 Biblical Lessons from High School Musical

Flip on your TV, but don't forget to keep your Good Book open as well as you click through this gallery of biblical lessons to share with your children from "High School Musical."

Related Topics: Family Friendly Film, Teen, Music, Entertainment Galleries, Entertainment, Positive Role Models

Top 10 Journeys to the Center of the Soul


Top 10 Journeys to the Center of the Soul

The classic Jules Verne novel, "Journey to the Center of the Earth," has captured the imaginations of would-be adventurers for nearly a hundred and fifty years. So we thought we'd mark the occasion of the film's release by looking at the top ten stories that have explored these themes in creative, memorable, and often timeless ways.

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Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers on Faith

Jonas Brothers gallery of photos and quotes from the group about their Christian faith.

Related Topics: Jonas Brothers, Purity Rings, Teen, Music, Abstinence, Purity, Christian Music, Tween

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens High School Musical 3


The Innocence of 'High School Musical'

As "Senior Year" hits theaters, the stars and creators of the hit franchise talk about what makes the movies so successful.

Related Topics: School, Hit Franchise Talk, Movie, Movie, High School Musical, Teen, Angst Driven Teen Dramas, Numbers Highlight Sweethearts, Dancing, Young People, Entertainment, Tap Dancing, Recording Career, Dance

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