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The Adventures of Coach Crawford

Jordan Crawford is hard to miss. At 6’7″, he towers over the students as he walks down the hallways of Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia.But Crawford really stands out for his kindness and his belief that nobody gets left behind.

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Nominees Most Inspiring Person 2007


Most Inspiring Person of 2007

For seven years Beliefnet has honored extraordinary individuals who have made the world a better place through their amazing accomplishments. This year's candidates are equally remarkable. Here are our nominees for the Most Inspiring Person of the Year.

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Most Inspiring Person of 2007 Nominee: Barbara Morgan


Most Inspiring Person of 2007 Nominee: Barbara Morgan

Astronaut and teacher Barbara Morgan talks about how participating in the Teacher in Space Program was an unparalleled opportunity to make science relevant to students.

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Cyndi Lee: Practicing Gratitude


Cyndi Lee: Practicing Gratitude

Acknowledging what you've learned from others can show you the positive qualities you now embody. Yoga instructor and author Cyndi Lee explains how gratitude can help you improve your self-image.

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Ram Dass and Friends
on the Guru's Love

Sharon Salzberg asks Ram Dass and Krishna Das about how their Hindu guru, Neem Karoli Baba, changed everything.

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The Meaning of the Guru

A guru is more than a teacher--he's an instructor who passes on all his knowledge. If you have one, you're lucky.

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