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You Can be a Super-Hero!

Don’t let it bother you that you don’t have a cape or tights – you can be a super-hero anyway, according to Kristen Parrish. According to the Bible, we, too, are called to be heroes – in the power of the Lord!

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Superman and the Other-Worldly Challenges of Adopting that Baby Who Has Landed in Your Life

Everyone has a fantasy of what it is like to become an adoptive mom or dad. It’s not easy, as Jonathan and Martha Kent in "Man of Steel" discover when they rescue little Kal-El from a crash in their cornfield. But adoption can have such rewards …

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Why Do Kids Need Superheroes?

What is it about comic-book heroes that inspires and thrills kids? Is their fascination a good thing? Yes, says Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief Alex Alonso – but with it comes a responsibility. He says his superheroes teach morals and courage.

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Mark Millar: God and Comics

The uber-successful comics writer, who has penned everything from Captain America to Superman to creator-owned works like KICK-ASS, spoke with us from his native Scotland about his new book SUPERIOR; what it's like being a practicing Catholic in a secular industry; and the time DC comics made him remove prayer from a story.

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Interview with Dean Cain

The actor talks to about his latest film, fatherhood, his penchant for good deeds, and what it's like to be Superman.

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The Messiah of Metropolis

The director of 'Superman Returns' confirms that the Christ story deeply influenced the film.

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The Kryptonian Gospel

'Superman Returns' presents a gospel story as moving as 'The Passion of the Christ'--and possibly more affecting.

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Superman: All Powerful, Self-Restrained

To 'Superman Returns' director Bryan Singer, the Man of Steel can do anything but chooses not to, instead leading by example.

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