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well being dos and donts


The Complete List of Well-Being Do's & Dont's

You care about your well-being in all facets of your life: Health, Success, Happiness, Friends & Family, and Faith. Avoid mistakes, learn the best way to do what's right. Enjoy a complete list of Do's and Don'ts filled with common-sense reminders for a happy and healthy life.

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confident woman


Lean In: Not Just for Business

"Build a more equal world." That's the clarion call to women. Sheryl Sandberg wrote the blockbuster book on gender equality that rocked the world. We're sharing 12 key points from the book "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead." This is a refreshing new look at how to be a leader in all phases of your life.

Related Topics: Prayables, Lean In, Leadership Advice, Success, Sheryl Sandberg

Uplifting quotes for hard times


Beef Up Your Willpower

Boost your willpower by breaking goals into smaller steps, ending procrastination, and accepting failure as a positive force.

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Work Style Quiz: How Do You Do It?

Enjoy work more. Contrary to popular belief, money is not the most important motivator for professional success. That comes when you figure out to be more productive in your work environment. “How Do You Do It?” is a work style quiz that reveals exactly what motivates you. Apply what you learn from this insightful new quiz and you’ll be better and happier at your job.

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The Secrets of True Success

Deeply personal issues such as identity, fear, discontentment, and depression can all influence the amount of success you have. Learn to face them with the secrets of true success!

Related Topics: Success, Secrets, Leadership, Men


4 Reasons Why You Should Question Your Definition of Success

One of the most important changes that wisdom has brought to my life is this: a redefinition of success. It is a simple shift but it can have profound benefits on your life.

Related Topics: Career Advancement, Success, Keys To Life


6 Reasons Goals Are Important in Today's Chaos

Bob Miglani grew up working in his family's Dairy Queen after they came to America from India with only $75. “Why should I bother setting life goals when the world is so unpredictable?" he asks. There are lots of reasons …

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superhero kid


Envision Your Child as Their Highest Self

Support your child be envisioning all of their successes.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Parenting, Success

Praying Woman


The Hope to Healing of Virtue Prayers

You can say these prayers whenever you feel is necessary, type them up and print out or write to place inside of a frame or pick one that you really connect to and work with it daily.

Related Topics: Virtue, Healing, Hope, Money, Success, Love, Protection, Communication, Communicating, Grace

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