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The Jovialites: The Angel and the Statues


The Jovialites: The Angel and the Statues

Two beautiful statues stood in a city park, one female and the other male -- both nude. These two statues faced each other for many, many years.

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The Taliban, the Buddhas, and Islamic Teaching

What's behind the Taliban's decision to destroy the Buddhist statues? Are they acting Islamically?

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Destruction of Giant Buddhas Confirmed

Taliban demolition of ancient statues they considered "false idols" called a "crime against culture" by UNESCO.

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Afghanistan's Giant Buddhas Reported Fully Destroyed

International pleas ignored, Taliban appear to have carried out threat to destroy ancient Buddhas they saw as violating Islam.

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Taliban Leader Praises Destruction of Buddhas

Buddhists and Hindus demonstrate in India and Nepal; extent of damage to giant Buddhas unclear.

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Taliban Soldiers Blast Ancient Buddha Statues

Witness describes attack on statues with anti-aircraft weapons; G-8 ministers express outrage.

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Taliban Move Ahead on Plan to Destroy Buddhas

International criticism mounts but Afghanistan's fundamentalist rulers say statues violate Islam and must go.

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