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Floyd and Margaret Nordhagen


Til' Death Do We Part: Finding True Love

If you're dedicated to your relationship it's possible to get through the rough times and live a long happy marriage together. Let's get inspired by true love and see the power of marriage.

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12 Ways to Find Your Soul Mate

When will I meet my soul mate? If you are wondering how to finally find your soul mate, read these tips about inviting true love into your life. Relationship expert, Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, helps you bring true love closer.

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Inspirational Quotes on Love

Let these inspiring quotes on love uplift you and remind you of what is possible when you open your heart.

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What Is a Soulmate?

Is your relationship a spiritual connection? Read these practical definitions and see if you're soulmate material.

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Manifesting a Soulmate

Learn how to create a vibration of love when you're looking for that special someone.

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Treasure Map for the Perfect Date

Tired of dating disappointments and waiting around for Mr. Right? Try this Perfect Date Treasure Map to help bring true love to your door.

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Attract Your Summer Love Soulmate

Single and searching for a soulmate? Summer Love can make the summer months more fun, and lead to lasting soulmate love. Open your heart to summer romance, and follow these rules for summer love.

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