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Sex and the Single Christian Girl

Here are 10 keys to sexual purity for women from Marian Jordan Ellis. She tells how she “stopped trying to remain sexually pure just to follow a rule or to ‘save myself’ for my future husband.” Instead, she had another reason …

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Teens 12


Bible Verses to Help Teens Practice Chastity

Our current pop culture focuses so much on a person’s sexuality, making it especially tough for teens to embrace virginity and practice chastity.

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Are You Normal When it Comes to Married Couples and Sex

Beliefnet expert Dr. Linda Mintle explains how sex affects a marriage.

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Is it time to have "the Talk" with your child?

So, do you need to have that birds-and-the-bees chat your youngster, but don’t know where to start?

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Lies People Believe About Sex (And What the Bible Really Says!)

What is the truth? Does God hate sex? Is so, why does our society so focused on it? Is our problem how we treat this gift He created for us all?

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What the Bible says about love, marriage & sex

If Almighty God didn't want us to ever mention physical love, asks Pastor David Jeremiah, then why did He devote an entire book of the Bible -- the Song of Solomon -- to this "forbidden" subject?

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Letting Go


When I Get That Feeling, I Need Sexual Healing

Candlelight, roses, wine, dinner and dancing: The stage is set for a night of romance. But once the big moment comes, sexual dysfunction enters the scene and the night winds up in the toilet. What is sexual dysfunction?

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7 Risky Questions Every Wife Needs to Ask

Too much 'busyness' is dangerous for a marriage. Author Linda Dillow realized she couldn't let life push her marriage to the side, so she began to ask herself risky questions, like "What's it like to be married to me?" Will you be brave and ask risky questions too?

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