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same-sex marriage


Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?

Prominent bishops are pulling out. Convention-goers were told headquarters had spent $18 million suing local congregations. Members are leaving at a record rate. This is no longer George Washington’s church – once the largest denomination in the colonies.

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Daniel Whyte


Will black Christians stay home on Election Day?

The church and the family are vital African-American institutions. Are Obama's policies undermining their support for him?

Related Topics: Black Vote, Barack Obama, Same-Sex Marriage, Homosexuality

Watch Trailer: '8: The Mormon Proposition'


Watch Trailer: '8: The Mormon Proposition'

This documentary examines the Mormon Church's involvement in the passage of California's Proposition 8, which prohibits gay marriage . The film releases June 18, 2010.

Related Topics: Mormon, Christtian, Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Mormon Church, Documentary, Marriage, Proposition 8, Entertainment


Will It Be Mormon in America?

Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney could become the first Mormon in the White House.

Related Topics: Faiths, Mormonism, Stick Figures, Church, Abortion, Faith Romney, Abortion Policy, Continuous Revelation, Romney, Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage


Why Infidelity Is In

In movies and on TV, the new ideal is not monogamy, but being honest about cheating. Here's a politically incorrect explanation.

Related Topics: Infidelity, Creative Class, Explanation, Entertainment, Single Women, Gay Men, So Called Alternative Lifestyles, Same-Sex Marriage, Impossible Goal, Monogamy


Not Just Any Catholic

If John Kerry becomes the Democratic nominee, how will his liberal views on social issues sit with the Catholic Church?

Related Topics: Faiths, Marriage, Politician, Gay Marriage, Capital Punishment, Any Catholic If John Kerry, Same-Sex Marriage, Catholic, Liberal Views, Social Issues, Bishop


The Crumbling of Marriage and Culture

Excerpts from letters to supporters by conservative Christian leaders, reacting to news of the last month on gay marriage.

Related Topics: News, Marriage, Family, Law, Research, Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Homosexual Marriage, Family Institute, Homosexual, Family Policy

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