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Beijing Square


8 Sacred Places in Beijing

As the world turns its attention to Beijing and to the elite athletes gathering there for the Olympics, we invite you to take a virtual tour of the 8 most sacred places in this historically prominent city.

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Odyssey Networks: Wesley Avram: The Song of Life Is Sacred


Odyssey Networks: Wesley Avram: The Song of Life Is Sacred

Do you know what sacred sound is? Yale professor Wesley Avram says God created the world by turning a hum into a sacred song, and that's why heaven is imagined as a place of singing praise.

Related Topics: Spiritbreak, Music, Wesley Avram, Christian, Christianity, Odyssey Networks, Holistic, Faiths, Sacred


Exploring the Sacred Earth Contest & Slideshow

Photographer Martin Gray captured many of the world's most holy and sacred places. Watch the slideshow, enter to win his book.

Related Topics: Sacred Places, Slideshow Photographer Martin Gray, Power, Photographer, Book, Holistic Living, Peace, Places, Click, Sacred, Slideshow



The Power of the Goddess

Tuning into the Goddess lets women see their body as an embodiment of the sacred.

Related Topics: Leading Authority, Renewable Bodies, Award Winning Author, Holistic Living, Goddess, Psychology, Author, Antioch West University, Holy Names College, Starhawk, Sacred


Your Favorite Sacred Places

From the Sea of Galilee to a happily haunted shack, you tell us about the places that soothe, excite, and inspire your soul.

Related Topics: Ndash, Spirits Dont Rest, Pole Houses, Place, Holistic Living, Plane Trip, Sacred Place, Single Child, Sacred, Mdash


What Makes a 'Power Spot' Sacred?

A pilgrim and photographer explores the most potent, sacred places on Earth.

Related Topics: Human Intention, Sacred Places, Power, Sacred Sites, Sacred Mountains, Site, Holistic Living, Sacred, Visionary Experiences, Ancient Religions, Power Places

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