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15 Ways to Reduce Stress in 15 Minutes or Less

Excessive stress can be bad for both your body and your mind. Stress can come in many forms – a huge project at work, family issues, illness – and not addressing it can lead to sleep issues, anxiety, depression, weight gain as well as digestive and heart problems. Here are some fun and quick ways to reduce stress in your daily life.

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Have you ever been THIS tired?

Yawn! Sometimes, there’s just nothing else to do but relax and take it easy. So, here are a few hints from our animal friends about how seriously to take this hectic world.

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5 Ways to Unwind After Work

Finding it difficult to let go of your workday? Discover five tactics that can help you relax and recharge.

Related Topics: Work, Career, Stress, Workplace Stress, Family, Friends, Children, Marriage, Relaxation


Ten Ways to Gain Control of Downsizing Anxiety

How to get a grip on anxiety in an uncertain world.

Related Topics: Anxiety, Anxiety Coping, Stress, Relaxation, Relaxation Quotes, Social Acceptance, Job Change

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21 Simple Ways to Quiet the Mind

Do you have a hard time winding down and clearing your mind of stress? Talk, sing, walk, and hug yourself to a more serene, peaceful you.

Related Topics: Healthy Living, Relaxation, 21 Ways, Calm, Womens Health, Emotional Health Related, Stress Related

Happy relaxed woman


11 Tips to Lower SuperStress

Chronic stress can sap your health and happiness alike. Ease your mind and body with stress-fighting tips from the author of "The SuperStress Solution."

Related Topics: Stress, Relaxation, Emotional Health

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Natures Inspiring Beauty

Beliefnet members share their scenic photos.

Related Topics: Relaxation, Inspirational, Nature, Relaxation, Reader Voices, Photos


Audio Meditation:
'Let Go, Let Go, Let Go'

Experience deep relaxation as you allow your body to journey to a place of healing and restoration.

Related Topics: Life Force Energy, Healing, Mind, Life Force, Breath Flows, Meditation Transcript, Relaxation, Energy, Body

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The Power of Pause

Learn how to relax and renew your soul with these practical tips from a pastor.

Related Topics: Faiths, Christianity, Relaxation, Sabbath, Renewal

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