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How the '60s Changed Ratzinger

The events of 1968 had a strong bearing on his shift to a more conservative outlook.

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'A Humble Intellect'

Controversial German theologian Uta Ranke-Heinemann explains why she's glad that her former classmate has been made pope.

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Pope Benedict XVI: Beliefnet Readers React

'I am overjoyed,' says one member. 'I have a lot of fear about this papacy,' says another. Our readers debate the new pope.

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The Life and Career of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

In a simplistic and one-sided biography of the cardinal who was just elected pope, the author misses some key issues.

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Catholics React to the New Pope

German Inquisition meister. Prince of the New Dark Ages. Torquemada of the 21st century. God's Rottweiler. And pope.

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What Joseph Ratzinger Did During the War

Like many teenagers in wartime Germany, Ratzinger was involved in the Hitler Youth--but Jewish leaders aren't worried.

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Paul Wilkes: When in Rome

From John Paul II's funeral to Benedict XVI's election, Beliefnet's correspondent reports on the momentous events in Rome.

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