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First communion cup of wine and bread


Have Protestants Turned Communion into 'Cheap Grace?'

In a provocative essay, author and pastor G. Jeffrey MacDonald explores how attitudes toward communion have changed and how those changes hurt the church.

Related Topics: Christianity, Faiths, Eucharist, Communion, Protestant

Billy Graham


Billy Graham: Inspirational Quotes

In these inspirational quotes, Billy Graham offers advice on faith and Christian life.

Related Topics: Billy Graham, Quotes, Protestant, Christianity, Christian Life, Jesus, Inspirational Quotes

Snoop Dogg


Top 10 Recent Celebrity Converts

From Katie Holmes converting to Scientology, Madonna embracing Kabbalah, and Snoop Dogg joining the Nation of Islam, celebrities left and right are converting to religions they weren't born into. Here are the Top 10 Recent Celebrity Converts.

Related Topics: Scientology, Nation Of Islam, Judaism, Islam, Celebrities, Conversion, Entertainment Features, Agnosticism, Entertainment, Kabbalah, Catholicism, Protestant, Christianity

Fold Your Hands


Lent Prayers for Patience Strength and Endurance

Beliefnet presents Lent prayers for strength, patience, and endurance from the book of Psalms, The Book of Common Prayers, and other resources. These prayers are for use with or without prayer beads and can be used for Holy Week prayers and Easter prayers.

Related Topics: Lenten Disciplines, Unfailing Help, Love, Christian, Bead, Anglican, Strength, Invitatory Bead, Prayer Beads, Protestant, Lent Prayers, Holy Week Prayers, Cruciform Bead, Lent


Christian Blogs

Beliefnet offers a variety of views on Christian living and Christian issues from such authors as Linda H. Howard, Dr. Jack Kerwick, Jim Fletcher, Rob Kerby, Diane Hanny, Susan Jordan Brown and Kirsten Jackson.

Related Topics: Offers Blogs, Christian, Bible, Orthodox, Blogs, Protestant, Evangelical, Catholic, Writers, Jesus


What Sikhs Believe

Central tenets of this faith, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.

Related Topics: Faiths, Food Kitchen, Sikh, Quaker, Suffering, Gender Equality, Male Energies, God, Sikhism, Soul Merges, Liberal, Sin, Protestant


Black Liberation Theology and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Professor Dwight Hopkins answers questions about the black church, black liberation theology, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Related Topics: Faiths, Article, Evangelical, Protestant



Beliefnet presents features on Jesus, the Bible, faith, doubt, the gospel, missions, evangelism, heaven, hell, God's kingdom, families, community, church, and all Protestant Christian issues and news.

Related Topics: Missions, Christian, Bible, Doubt, Evangelism, Protestant, Christianity, Jesus

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