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Prophet or Madman


Prophet or Madman

Former businessman Bruce Adam explains what prompted him to write Prophet or Madman, a book that centers itself around nothing less than the explanation of Eternity, the Universe – and our place within it.

Related Topics: Prophet, Madman, Bruce Adams


Reflection on Milad al Nabi

Aziz discusses the debate about celebrating the Prophet's birthday.

Related Topics: Prophet Mohammad, Prophet, Muslim


Baha'i offers those interested in the Baha'i faith ways to connect others, resources for learning more about the faith, and a forum to post discussions about Baha'u'llah, the Bab, scripture, and practices.

Related Topics: Bab, Missionary Journeys, Faith And Practices, Bahaullah, Religious Movement, Bahai, Bahai, Peace, Prophet, Informal Devotional Sessions, Faith Ways, Interfaith, Religious Leader, Faith


The Greatest Love Story

On Valentine's Day, I'm reminded of what true love is by remembering the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah.

Related Topics: Faiths, Prominent Business Women, Impeccable Moral Character, Islam, Love, Khadijahs, Love Story, Noble Men, Love Stories, Prophet, Young Man, Marriage


Floating on a Cloud of Mercy

The singer reflects on what drew him to Islam--and how it allows his creative side to flow.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Conservative Musical Element, Music Business, Genuine Music Youd, Music, Religion, God, Creative Side, Prophet, Music Industry


Why We Muslims Are Angry

You want to know why Muslims are so offended by the caricature of the Prophet? It boils down to respect--a lack of it.

Related Topics: Faiths, Muslims, Muslim, Offensive Cartoons, Muslim Outrage, Islam, Return Cartoons Insteadthis, Cartoon, Prophet, Cartoon Controversy, Western Fears


The 'Other' Hajj City

Though not a Hajj requirement, a visit to Medina is an intrinsic part of a pilgrim's sacred journey.

Related Topics: Faiths, Pilgrimage, Muslim, Medina, Melodious Voice Rose, Islam, Calendar Beginsin, Beloved City, Beloved Person Youll, Religious Group Leader, Hajj, Prophet


London and the Last Day

As dreadful as we find the terroristic acts that mar our era, the Prophet requires us to resist despair and stand up to evil.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, World, Religious Knowledge, Religious, Innocent People, Prophet, Desperate Thoughts, Religious Tradition, Knowledge, Suicide Bombers, Children


What Are Muslim Women's Rights?

At a major Muslim convention, Asra Nomani addresses the crowd about gender equality in Islam.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Mosque, Status Quo, Prophet, Women's Rights, Muslim, African American Woman, Islamic, Women Rights, Men Dont


A Standing Ovation for the Pope

'If Prophet Muhammad was alive today, I believe he would find much in common with the Pope.'

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Pope, Peace, Outstanding Man, Human Soul, Justice, Worshippers Native Language, World Religious Leaders, Prophet, Pope John Paul II, World

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