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Sorry, But the Pope's Mass Thrilled Me

When Charlotte Allen went to the Pope's Mass, she says it was 'one of the most moving experiences' of her life.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Mass, Priests, Pope, Musical Choices Wouldnt, Stadium, Brilliant Spring Sun, Internet Criticisms, Concession Stands, Liturgy

The Jovialites: What Is This?


The Jovialites: What Is This?

A priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar….

Related Topics: Rabbis, Priests, Jokes, Jovialites, Ministers, Entertainment


Open Letter to Benedict XVI from a Gay Priest

Barring gay men from ordination would be a disaster for the church that you love so much.

Related Topics: Faiths, Priests, Gay Priests, Gay, Celibate Gay Priests, Church, American Seminaries, Gay Men, Catholic, Gay Seminarians, Lesbian, Theological Dialogue


Pope John Paul the Great

The pope has bucked the fads and given us tools for distinguishing true Catholicism from ersatz religion.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Church, Pope, Ersatz Religion, Liberation Theology, Priests, Authority Structure, Pope John Paul, Communism, Sexual Abuse Scandal, Denomination


A Very Human Pope

A biographer of Pope John Paul II reflects on a pope who inspired millions yet alienated many Catholic faithful.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Church, Pope, Papal Infallibility, Social Justice, International Population Conferences, Priests, Artificial Birth Control Devices, Artificial Birth Control, Pope John Paul II, Philosophical


Movie 'Exorcist' Got It Right, Say Priests Who Cast Out Demons

The 1973 film, re-released in 2000, is called an accurate portrayal of actual Satanic possession

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Exorcist, Exorcism, Boys Behavior, Boys Body, Priests, Priests Arms Open, Possession, Boys Room, Box Office Success, Family


Templars in America?

Steeped in Templar tradition, Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney and Lord of Roslin, sailed across the North Atlantic in 1396.

Related Topics: Faiths, Tradition, Teaching, Family, Oral Tradition, North American Continent, Freemasonry, European Society, Priests, Sacred Knowledge, Long Held Oral Tradition


Live Chat with LA Cardinal Roger Mahony

Transcript of Beliefnet's February 20 online chat with the leader of America's largest Catholic diocese.

Related Topics: Faiths, Online Chat, Priests, Teaching, Church, Public Office, Natural Process, Adult Education, Catholic, Question

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