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Religious Facts About Presidents

Do you consider yourself a history buff? Do you think you know just about all there is about our presidents? Take this quiz and results may surprise you.

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Washington Prayer


The Faith of the First President

There’s a whole lot of debate and discussion regarding the religious views of George Washington. As we approach President’s Day, let’s take a look at what we know for certain about the way the United States' First President chose to worship.

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Remembering JFK: The world stood still on November 22, 1963

When shots rang out in Dallas, America changed forever.

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Why a Spiritual Advisor to President Bush Supports Obama

The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell explains his bond with Bush, his donations to Obama, and his defense of Jeremiah Wright.

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John McCain: Constitution Established a 'Christian Nation'

He expresses discomfort about a Muslim in the White House and says he won't undergo a full-immersion baptism while campaigning.

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Billy Graham


Billy Graham and the Presidents

The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C. has a special exhibit running through October 2012 that showcases Billy Graham's relationship with all the U.S. Presidents since Harry Truman.

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Is it time for an Amish President?

Are you having trouble getting excited about U.S. presidential politics? Well, maybe it’s time for something completely different. A president who rides up to the White House in a buggy and requests the light bulbs be replaced with candles.

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History of the State of the Union


History of the State of the Union

Learn the origins of the State of the Union address and how technology has changed it over time.

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the birth of religious liberty


The Birth of Religious Liberty

On July 4th, America celebrates its independence and its core principle of religious freedom. But the birth of religious liberty was a long and difficult struggle, as Steve Waldman discovered when researching for his book, "Founding Faith."

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Barack Obama


Your Election Reactions

How did YOU react to this year’s presidential election? Read how Beliefnet members like you were inspired—or disappointed—by Tuesday’s election results; then share your own stories or memories from this historic presidential contest.

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