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Abraham Lincoln


Inspiring Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Our nation's 16th president will always be known as the president who changed American history forever when he abolished slavery. He's also renowned as one of the world's most eloquent orators. Read Lincoln's inspiring words on freedom, faith, and the nation.

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The Goal of the Pledge Suit

The Pledge of Allegiance plaintiff explains he is contesting 'Under God' to raise awareness of the 'plight of atheists.'

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'Focus,' a Timely Tale of Prejudice

The film version of Arthur Miller's 1945 play is suddenly shockingly relevant

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FBI: Most Hate Crimes Motivated by Race

Religious prejudice accounts for the second highest total in the bureau's review of 1999 reported hate crimes.

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There Are Still Reasons to Mourn Martin Luther King Jr.

On the anniversary of his murder, reasons for tears remain as long as the rhetoric of enraged prejudice persists

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The Drive Toward Individual Freedom

Breaking down prejudice gets my vote as the biggest change of the last century

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