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Consciousness as Reality

Where do galaxies, ants and quarks really come from? Four scientists search for the truth behind being and sensation

Related Topics: Faiths, Mathematics, Quantum Theory, Scientists Search, Physics, Southern California, Click Photos, Consciousness, Conscious Realism, University, Elemental Question


The Hubris of 'The Secret'

As a cancer survivor I'm not sure I buy the 'create your own reality' stuff in 'The Secret.' And if it's true, what about God?

Related Topics: Holistic Living, Law Of Attraction, Thoughts, secret, Negative Thoughts, Quantum Physics, Physics, Thinking Negative Thoughts, Life, Fuzzy You Can Do It By Wishing Parts, Alternative Spirituality Teachers, Attraction

Deepak Chopra


Deepak Chopra: Our Renewable Bodies

Deepak Chopra is an endocrinologist specializing in internal medicine, and the former chief of staff at the New England Memorial Hospital. Known best for his national best-selling books, "Quantum Healing" and "Perfect Health," Dr. Chopra has appeared on many national radio and television programs. He also serves as the president of the American Association for Ayurvedic Medicine.

Related Topics: Physics, Endocrinologist, Television, Holistic Living, American Association For Ayurvedic Medicine, National Best Selling Books, National Radio, New England Memorial Hospital, National, Deepak Chopra, American Association

Fred Alan Wolf


Fred Alan Wolf: Quantum Reality

The power of paying attention to what you pay attention to with author and physicist Fred Alan Wolf.

Related Topics: Fred Alan Wolf, Physics, Television, Holistic Living, Andrew Weil, Physicist, Vast Inner Space, Groundbreaking Film, Mark Thornton, Television Programs


Science: One Finger on the Hand of Humanity

Although the Dalai Lama is passionate about science, he believes there are limits to what we can learn from it.

Related Topics: Faiths, Buddhism, Science, Technology, Physics, Scientific Materialism, Reality, Empirical Data, Scientific Discoveries, World, Biological Machines, Sentient Beings


Paranormally Incorrect

'Just Like Heaven' may follow all the rules for romantic comedies, but it gets near-death experiences all wrong.

Related Topics: Beer Spraying, Screenwriters Interest, Physics, Earthbound Spirits, Experience, Metaphysics, Groundbreaking Work, Entertainment, Malevolent Throat Slitters, Near Death, Near Death Experience


Quantum Physics Made Fun

As a healer, I know the premise of 'What the Bleep?' is true: illuminating your consciousness can change your reality.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Domain, Reality, Top Universities, Quantum Theory, Leading Quantum Theorists, Thoughts Influence Reality, Quantum, Quantum Particles

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