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Miracle on the Hudson


Miracle on the Hudson

A year ago on January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight #1549 from New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina took off as scheduled. But that was the last thing to go as planned. Just a few minutes later, the plane’s collision with flock of geese destroyed both engines, and the now-famous Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and first officer Jeffrey B. Skiles were faced with the most difficult challenge of their careers. As we know, the pilots landed the plane in the Hudson River and thanks to the heroic efforts of crew, passengers and first responders, all 155 people aboard that plane survived. But despite the positive outcome, the very fact of not knowing whether they would survive when told to “brace for impact” and their experiences being rescued profoundly affected them. We spoke with three passengers—Beth McHugh, Dave Sanderson and Mark Hood—about what happened before and after the crash and how getting a second chance at life has changed them. Listen as they tell their stories In Their Own Words.

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How You Can Survive a Plane Crash

In light of the US Airways-Hudson River miracle, the author of "The Survivors Club" offers tips on how to survive a plane crash.

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Why We Chose Flight 93

Rudy, Father Mike, Mattie--they all inspired us. But Flight 93's passengers and crew changed us.

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