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A Catholic Tradition We Could Lose: Bingo

Encouraging compulsive gambling isn't a healthy way to raise parish funds.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Bingo, Parish, Bingo Night, Church Bingo, Parish Bingo, Bingo Operation, Bingo Nights, Bingo Games, Gambling, Gambling Problem


Confessions of a Frustrated
Lay Minister

I do everything from prepare the liturgy to process annulments--but I feel invisible in the Church.

Related Topics: Faiths, Social Justice, Lay, Ministry, Parish, Minister, Priest, Lay Ministers, Ecclesial Ministers, Lay Ecclesial Ministers, Catholic, Emergency Measures


'You Are Truly Blessed'

On the verge of suicide, a woman is given an angelic blessing and the courage to live.

Related Topics: Angel, Suicide, Church, Angel Story, Angels, Churchs Teaching, Parish, Mass, Chain Reaction, God's Timing, Cancer Patient


The Gregorian Chant Comeback

A recent Vatican statement calls for parishes to revive traditional music at Mass-what Rome has been saying all along.

Related Topics: Faiths, Apostolic Letter, Sacred Music, Music, Parish, Gregorian Chant, Parish Level, Parish Music, Chant, Sacred, Catholic, Explicit Call


Tracking Alito's Catholicism

What can we tell about the Supreme Court nominee based on his two parishes--one liberal, the other conservative?

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Parish, Catholics, Literature Rack, Conservative Track Record, Family, Social Justice Ministries, Square Bell Tower, Alito, Churchs Rosary Society, Childrens Liturgy


'Central Casting Has Sent You a Different Kind of Bishop'

Beliefnet's Most Inspiring Person of 2003 wears sandals, fights with insurance companies, and is healing the Boston archdiocese.

Related Topics: Celibate Life, Sexual Abuse, 2003, Commitment, Parish, Insurance, Insurance Companies, Most Inspiring Person Of The Year, Priest, Stalling Tactics, Bishop, Abuse Crisis


The Catholic Church Confronts Its Future

Practical steps bishops and laypeople can take to ensure abuse doesn't happen again.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Bishops, Church, Sexual Abuse, Parish, Child Protection Policies, Commitment, Safe Parish Programs, Board, Councils, Review Boards


In Search of Great Clergy

Beliefnet members discuss the trials and triumphs associated with finding the right spiritual leaders for their congregations.

Related Topics: Faiths, Rector, Church, Interim Ministry, Parish, Interim Period, Young Pastor, Pastor, Country Club Like Family Church, Percentage Affirmitive, Generations Candidate

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