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Pope Culture A Look at Papal Kitsch


Pope Culture: A Look at Papal Kitsch

Now that Pope Benedict is making his first visit to the U.S., expect vendors to plaster his face on everything from t-shirts to mugs to lollipops (that's what vendors around the Vatican did when he was ordained).

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Popes on the Road


Popes on the Road

Before he became pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was known for his role as an enforcer of church doctrine. But his journey to the papacy didn't begin in Rome.

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Pope Benedict XVI: Beliefnet Readers React

'I am overjoyed,' says one member. 'I have a lot of fear about this papacy,' says another. Our readers debate the new pope.

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The Heroic Papacy

John Paul II dramatically revitalized the world's oldest institutional office and always continued to surprise.

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Why I Am Still a Catholic

Why I take the Church seriously after having criticized its leadership so pointedly.

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Cardinal Urges Papacy Term-Limit Debate

Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels is the highest-ranking church leader to publicly address the sensitive issue

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