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5 Things Resilient People Do

Research shows that resilient people think differently. They have a set of skills that allow them to persevere, manage stress and triumph in the face of challenges.

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Star of David


Hope and Encouragement for Tough Times

Jewish leaders and rabbis offer words of hope, encouragement and optimism for tough times.

Related Topics: Jewish, Optimism, Hope, Tough Times, Rabbi

10 Ways to Grow


10 Ways to Grow

Want to achieve personal growth in your work and life? Whether you're starting your own business or finding meaningful work, you can rejuvenate your life with this step-by-step process.

Related Topics: Growth, Work, Work As Creativity, Dreams, Optimism, Spring, Success, Labor Day, Spring Equinox, Spring Equinox 2010, First Day Of Spring March 20 2010, Spring Inspiration

Glasses half empty or full


When Positive Thinking Isn't Working - Get Real

If thinking positive thoughts isn't bringing you the healing, comfort, or happiness you seek, try downshifting into "realistic thinking" and discover encouragement and hope there.

Related Topics: Healthy Living, Positive Thinking, Optimism, Feeling Better, Emotional Health Related, Depression Related

angels and demons ewan mcgregor interview


Ewan McGregor Interview

Ewan McGregor, who plays Camerlengo Patrick McKenna in Dan Brown's film adaptation of "Angels & Demons," talks to Beliefnet about his views on religion and why he wouldn't have done the film if it was anti-Christian.

Related Topics: Catholic Church, Spirituality, Celebrities, Entertainment Features, Angels & Demons, Religion, Optimism, Entertainment, Ewan Mcgregor, Tom Hanks

Michael J. Fox


The Most Optimistic Guy in Hollywood

Actor Michael J. Fox talks to Beliefnet about his battle with Parkinson's disease, why he looks at life more spiritually now, and how he stays optimistic and grateful.

Related Topics: Physical, Happiness, Power, Teaching Theyve, Celebrities, Experience, Books, Disease Research, Thats, Michael J. Fox, Parkinsons, Optimism, Itll Burn, Entertainment, Dont, Parkinson's Disease, Degenerative Brain Disease

Michael J. Fox's 'Adventures of an Incurable Optimist'


Michael J. Fox's 'Adventures of an Incurable Optimist'

In an ABC primetime special, actor Michael J. Fox talks about what he's learned in his battle with Parkinson's Disease, what optimism means, and how it's a force in our lives. The special airs Thursday, May 7.

Related Topics: Michael J. Fox, Celebrities, Optimism, Entertainment

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