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natalie portman


Surprisingly Religious Movie and TV Stars

Find out who believes what in this fun gallery! We promise that you will be surprised!

Related Topics: Religious, Celebrities, Religion, Jewish, Christianity, Buddhist, Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Actors, Actress

Bell Tower


The Illustrated History of The Mormons

Let's take a look at the monuments and architecture that bring together the Mormons.

Related Topics: Mormon, Faith, Mormon Church, Mormon History Association

Mormon Temple


The Rise of Mormonism

Author Stephen Mansfield examines how Mormons, including Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, have become a force in America.

Related Topics: Mormon, Mormon Books, America


Latter-day Saints

Beliefnet presents Latter-day Saints or Mormon news, mormon culture features, mormon facts, video and more. If you've ever asked "what is mormonism?" or "what do mormons believe" then you are in the right place!

Related Topics: Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Mormonism, Mormons, Mormon Temple, Mormon, Joseph Smith, Polygamy, Saints, Salt Lake Tribune, Mormon Resources, Joseph, Human Polygamy, Smith, News

Book of Mormon


What Do Mormons Believe?

What do Mormons believe about God? Jesus? Polygamy? Heaven? We attempt to answer those questions and more!

Related Topics: Joseph Smith, Latter Day Saints, Mormon Church, Mormon, Mormon Doctrine, Mormon Faith, What Do Mormons Believe, Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck


American Idol star to take a break, work as Mormon missionary

David Archuleta's church highly recommends that young men 19-21 serve two years far from home

Related Topics: David Archuleta, Mormon

Mitt Romney


Romney’s Faith and His Campaign

This year’s GOP platform has run the gamut in terms of religion. And whose faith is of the biggest concern to evangelical Christians – a key element of the GOP electoral base- in this election? You said it, Mitt Romney.

Related Topics: Election, Presidental Election, Mormon, Mit Romney, 2012

Joe and Wives


Life in a Polygamous Marriage

What's life like for one man, his wives, and their 24 children?

Related Topics: Polygamy, Marriage, Christianity, Jesus, Wives, Husbands, Mormon, Children, Parenting, Family


Scripture Search

Beliefnet presents scripture search links for Mormon sacred texts, including the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price.

Related Topics: Scripture, Complete Text, Official Website, Text, Mormon Sacred Texts, Mormon, Presents Scripture, Drawing, Downloadable Audio Version, Scripture Search

Watch Trailer: '8: The Mormon Proposition'


Watch Trailer: '8: The Mormon Proposition'

This documentary examines the Mormon Church's involvement in the passage of California's Proposition 8, which prohibits gay marriage . The film releases June 18, 2010.

Related Topics: Mormon, Christtian, Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Mormon Church, Documentary, Marriage, Proposition 8, Entertainment

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