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Meet the Robertsons

You’ve heard all about the wonderful values and terrific Christian message of A&E’s biggest hit of all time, Duck Dynasty. For those of you just catching on to the craze, it can be pretty easy to get all of the bearded characters mixed up. Here’s some basic information about the major Robertson characters to help you get to know America’s new favorite family.

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Great Character Transformations

Everybody loves a character they can root for, but sometimes wanting to side with a great film or television character can take some time. Here are five characters that we as an audience have grown to appreciate throughout their stories. Warning: Spoilers!

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Live Your Life the Best Way

At a certain point, let's stop trying to understand the meaning of life and focus on enjoying it instead..

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The Lessons of Narnia

Questions and answers about the moral messages of Narnia, its appropriateness for kids, and using it to spark discussions

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What Is 'Relativism'?

Pope Benedict XVI's new buzzword causes confusion and consternation. But does he mean what it sounds like he means?

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The Rise of the Moral Voter

Hollywood, Osama, and practically the entire world ganged up on us to dump a moral president; but Americans wouldn't cave.

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The Mixed Message of 'Moral Values'

Christian groups are exulting that 21% of voters cited 'moral values' as key. But 79% of the American public did not.

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