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Miracle Collage


Sprinkles from Angels: 5 Essential Ingredients to Stir Angelic Blessings

Want to sprinkle some miracles? Do it the angel way.

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Military Homecoming


Video: Surprise Military Homecoming

After a year of deployment in Iraq, a single father surprises his children at church.

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Teen Girl Hospital


Video: Teen Dying of Cancer Gets Final Wish

A Tennessee community gathers to celebrate and honor a teenage girl who has inspired them for years.

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Mysterious Angel


Video: God Sent a Mysterious Angel to Pray with Car Crash Victim

A priest appears seemingly out of nowhere to help calm the victim of a devastating crash.

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Video: Baby Elephant Makes Big Splash in Texas

A baby elephant named Belle is making a splash at the Fort Worth zoo as she tries out a kiddie pool for the very first time. The more than 300 pound Asian elephant was born on July 7th.

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21 Year Old Hearing


21 Year-Old Hears Perfectly for the First Time in Her Life

After being deaf and unable to hear clearly for 21 years, Raia receives the gift of hearing through a cochlear implant. When it was finally turned on and she could hear perfectly for the first time in her life, she broke down into joyful tears. Watch and thank God for such an amazing miracle!

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robber, miracle


Strong Faith Saves Life of 92-Year-Old

Watch as this 92-year-old woman describes how she saved a robber's faith after he threatened to kill her.

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Daughters Lift Tractor Off Their Dad

Watch this incredible video of an Oregon farmer who would've been crushed by a tractor if his two teenage daughters hadn't gathered the strength to rescue him.

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miracle, inspiration


Baby's Miracle Escape

Watch as a one year-old girl survived after being ejected from her parents' car when they spun out of control and crashed on a highway in Russia.

Related Topics: Inspiring, Miracle

baby miracle


Miracle: Baby Found Alive

A baby who had no vital signs when she was born is found alive in a morgue in Argentina. Watch the video to hear the whole story behind this amazing miracle!

Related Topics: Baby, Alive, Miracle

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