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10 Ways To Fight For Your Marriage

Practice these prevention tips to keep the love alive in your marriage.

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Should You Stay Together For the Kids?

Convincing research lies with both camps: those that suggest you should split if your marriage is spoiling, and those that say a less-than-perfect marriage is far better than a divorce.

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BELIEFNET.COM PAGE Page features tips on love, relationships, romance, soul mates, marriage, parenting, spiritual family values, teaching spirituality to children and family spirituality.

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I've Married a Non-Believer. Now What?

Are you in a committed relationship with a non-believer and wondering if your relationship is doomed for failure? Here are some helpful tips we promise won’t disappoint.

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Does marriage still matter?

Our society no longer seems to value marriage. After all, 70 percent of couples live together before marrying. And more than half of all marriages end in divorce. So, why marry?

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Can Jesus save my marriage?

Yes, but it is a daily process. Be prepared to pray for your marriage and your spouse. Forces seeking to destroy your love are constantly trying to creep in, so be on your guard. Seeking Him first daily is the key.

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9 Marriage Roadblocks To Forgiveness

Overcome these nine forgiveness roadblocks and watch your relationships transform for the better taken from the book From Anger to Intimacy.

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A Happy Marriage Starts with You

When it comes to a happy marriage, little habits make a big difference. A three-year study by Shaunti Feldhahn for her book "The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages" found just a few of their secrets!

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20 Love Dares to Improve Your Marriage

Dare to Love your spouse in a whole new way. Try these 20 dares inspired by Alex and Stephen Kendrick's book The Love Dare.

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If Jesus Was a Marriage Counselor

If Jesus was a marriage counselor what would He advise you to do?

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