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Al-Qaida is back: Was the War in Iraq a Waste?

Veterans are wondering whether their sacrifices were worth it as Iraqi Christians are being persecuted as never before and al-Qaida returns.

Related Topics: Iraq, Christian, Persecution, Faith, Catholic, Church, Family


What Happens When You Love First, Ask Questions Later?

In the middle of the Iraqi war, the Courtney family discovered kids with terrible heart defects – in a nation with no surviving heart surgeons. And local leaders suspicious of foreigners. What happened next will amaze you.

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News, Iraq, Heart Defect

Great Americans: Medevac In Iraq


Great Americans: Medevac In Iraq

The US Air Force has been conducting Medical Evacuation operations in Iraq since the outset of the war. It’s a mission they perform with bittersweet determination. The exhilaration of providing such critical support is tempered with the knowledge that someone has potentially suffered a life threatening injury in the line of duty.

Related Topics: Hero, US Air Force, Great Americans, Medevac, Iraq

Great Americans:  Timothy Nein


Great Americans: Timothy Nein

Timothy Nein received the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions near Salman Pak, Iraq in March of 2005. While escorting a convoy South of Baghdad Timothy Nein's unit was called to defend the personnel, supplies, and themselves when enemy insurgents ambushed the long line of vehicles. After two of his eight man squad were wounded he personally assaulted an enemy position eliminating the threat. He then led another soldier on the assault of the long trenches that their enemy was fighting from. Together the two overcame the enemy and ultimately saved their squad.

Related Topics: Heros, Timothy Nein, Distinguished Service Cross, Great Americans, Iraq

Great Americans: Hero Tommy Rieman


Great Americans: Hero Tommy Rieman

Tommy Rieman received the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action while on patrol in Southern Baghdad, Iraq in December of 2003. Tommy Rieman and his squad were on a routine reconnaissance mission in Southern Baghdad when they encountered the enemy and engaged in a firefight. Even after becoming wounded Rieman continued to lead his squad in defeating the enemy force. Only after the enemy was vanquished and he knew his people were safe did he accept treatment for his own wounds.

Related Topics: Heros, Valor, Bravery, Silver Star, Great Americans, Iraq, Tommy Rieman



Beliefnet features interviews with presidential candidates, political blogs, the 12 Tribes of American politics, and other features.

Related Topics: Politics, John Mccain, Election 2008, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, American Politics, Political Blogs, Political, Presidential Candidates, Tribes

Beliefnet's Ten Hottest Discussions


Beliefnets Ten Hottest Discussions

Do you have opinions on important issues that you're dying to share? From abortion to gay marriage to sexual ethics to the origin of life, debates and discussions about the most important topics in faith, politics, and life rage on in Beliefnet's Forums.

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'When You Come Home...': A Multimedia Tribute to Our Troops

Beliefnet honors the men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan with this presentation featuring photos from our readers.

Related Topics: Video, Raw Materials, Family Members, Afghanistan, Readers, Feature, Photos, Video Feature, Iraq, Video Belownow


Watch Trailer: 'Fighting for Life'

A documentary that pays tribute to the unsung heroes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—the military doctors, nurses, and medics who fight every day to save the lives of soldiers and Marines wounded in battle. Airs on PBS over Memorial Day Weekend.

Related Topics: Soldiers, Fighting, Memorial Day Weekend, Afghanistan, Life, Memorial Day, Unsung Heroes, Dvd, Doctors, Watch Trailer, Marines, Medics, Entertainment, Military, Military Doctors, Iraq

Master sgt. william gibson


William Gibson

Losing his leg didn't stop this inspiring Marine from doing his duty or achieving his dream.

Related Topics: Most Inspiring Person Of 2008, Marine, William Gibson, Military Tribute, Soldier, Soldiers, Gibson, William Gibson Losing, Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Leg, Marines, Snipers Bullet Tore, Iraq, Amputation, Weapons Coordinator, Combat Zone

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