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India's Christians ask: What would Gandhi do?

St. Thomas brought the faith to the subcontinent in 52 a.d. and Gandhi called for peace and plurality -- but persecution is growing.

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Odyssey Networks: Beyond Mumbai interfaith coop


Odyssey Networks: Beyond Mumbai interfaith coop

The recent bombing in Mumbai highlights the unlikely nature of a peace pact struck there three years ago between two religious groups with a history of strained relations. In the aftermath of the November 2008 attacks that killed dozens, Muslim Ibrahim Tai led his community and a nearby Hindu community in agreeing that they would not respond to that tragedy with more violence. "In times like these people get really suspicious of each other," said Tai. "And fight with each other. But these fights can be avoided through mutual dialogues." No group has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's violence, but police have blamed similar attacks in the past on Muslim militants intent on destabilizing the integrity and sovereignty of India.

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Remembering the Attacks in Mumbai

On the anniversary of the terror attacks in Mumbai, a New York City graduate student reflects on how the violence in India changed her.

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Traditions, Indian-Jewish Style.


Who Are the Indian Jews?

Lavina Melwani, a freelance writer in New York, on the history of Indian Jews and their modern-day whereabouts.

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Watch Trailer: 'The Love Guru'

Check out this clip from the upcoming comedy, starring Mike Myers.

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