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How to Aid In Your Own Healing

Of course, in times of illness we implore the power of Christ for our healing. But we have to take an active part in our own healing. We have been given the ability to aid in or own healing as well as to take preventative spiritual measures to stave off many of the diseases of man.

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Japan Is No Exception: World Water Day

Learn how people around the world don't have access to clean water - and how you can help change that.

Related Topics: Water, Clean Water, International Aid, Compassion International, Compassion, Children, Illness, World Water Day, Christian Charity, Jesus


8 Ways Illness Can Be a Spiritual Practice

Most people think of illness as inconvenient at best, tragic at worst. We focus on what we are not doing: our normal daily routines, work, outings with friends, being physically active, time with family. Illness can be a fertile time if you can focus your attention away from what you do not have, and focus on what it offers in abundance.

Related Topics: Disease, Illness, Health Support, Healing, Spiritual Healing

Healing Breath


10 Things You Should Know About COPD

Educate yourself about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of this chronic lung disease, and get tips for how to cope with COPD to live your best life.

Related Topics: Physical Health, Illness, Copd, Breathing


Illness & Recovery

Beliefnet offers advice on living with and recovering from illness, healing tips, healthy living suggestions and wellness.

Related Topics: Healing, Healthy Living Suggestions, Healing Tips, Illness, Chronic Illness, Recovering, Offers Advice, Disease, Advice, Suggestions, Living


Swine Flu

Blog updates on swine flu prevention the latest developments of the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic.

Related Topics: Illness, Swine Flu Prevention, Swine, Flu, Hot Topics, Swine Flu, Prevention

Illness and Recovery


Your Prayers for Those Touched by Breast Cancer

Offer support for Beliefnet members touched by breast cancer.

Related Topics: Community, Health Prayer Circle, Illness, Illness Prayers, Cancer Prayer Circle, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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