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Pagans Reject the Idea of Evil--
How Do We Respond to Terrorism?

We have nature as our teacher, and a set of rough ethics that value life, balance, and interconnection.

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Waking Up to 'Islamo-Fascism'

All Muslims must play a role in stopping the violence being done in the name of our faith.

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'God Can Place a Definitive Limit Upon Evil'

Sometimes evil seems more powerful than good. But in the people who have endured evil, we discover God's victorious presence.

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Connecting in a Spiritual Void

Filmmaker Sandi Simcha Dubowski on the characters' displacement and search for connection in 'Lost in Translation.'

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Individual Choices, Institutional Courage

Individuals have every right to stay away from Israel this summer, but youth tours should proceed as planned anyway.

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Far-Right Party Denounces German Government Ban

A German court will decide whether the National Democratic Party, which admits reaching out to skinheads, can be legally banned.

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In Gratitude for Earth's Bounty

It's not so much a question of whether foods should be genetically altered but how we arrive at those decisions.

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