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The Gift of Friendship

A true friend is hard to find. They are confidants, counselors and coaches. Friends help you be you without apology. To help you make these friendships last a lifetime, here are a few essential things that a good friend gives so you’ll always remember the amazing gifts they offer.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Honesty, Comfort, Celebration, Loving, Forgiving, Apron Strings


What are American voters upset about now?

What will be the issues in the upcoming elections? Honesty? Integrity? Religious freedom? Or as James Carville used to snarl "The economy, stupid!"

Related Topics: Obama, Christian, Faith, Love And Family, Evangelism, Honesty, Economy, Joblessness

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How To Deal With Online Haters

With more of the world creating and consuming information on the internet, online behavior, etiquette, and the rules of engagement are becoming increasingly complex.

Related Topics: Online, Bullying Overcoming Self Esteem Over Sensitive, Bullies, Haters, Etiquette, Internet, Chat Room, Depression, Honesty, Blogging, Tweeting

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Mastery of Self

This is a perfect time to work on your connection with your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself as a part of your personal and spiritual growth.

Related Topics: Mastery, Self, Trust, Affirmation, Guidance, Honesty, Understanding, Connection, Intuition


Getting Spiritually Honest

Author Meggan Watterson dares you to dare to "strip down to what is authentic for you!"

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Love, Good News, Spirituality, Honesty

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Enlightened Communication in the Workplace

Author Isha Judd shares two ways to make your office interactions more productive.

Related Topics: Office, Work, Workplace, Communication, Communications, Talking, Honesty, Praise

Ruth Graham


Ruth Graham's been through the fire, says it's time for honesty

The daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham shares what it's like to watch her famous father grow older -- as well as the heartache she has endured -- and challenges us all to be truthful, no matter who we are

Related Topics: Billy Graham, Transparency, Honesty, Franklin Graham

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