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A Rabbi's Advice: How to Respond to Your Gay Child

From Moment Magazine, Jewish Rabbis answer the question, "What advice would you give if your child told you he or she was gay?"

Related Topics: Rabbi, Jewish, Gay, Homosexual, Advice, Parenting, Family, Shmuley Boteach


Odd Attempts to 'Explain' the Pedophilia Crisis

In the wake of church scandals, leaders have lost their balance and said things out of tune with their ordinary statements.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Pedophilia, Voice, Pedophile Problem, Ordinary Statements, Real Priests, Homosexual, Loose Moral Convictions, Homosexual Priests, Priesthood, Send Earth Tremors


Not a 'Panzer Pope' After All

In his first year, Benedict XVI has confounded both liberal and conservative Catholics.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholics, Media Coverage, Love, Sexual Abuse Crisis, Religious Liberty, House Cleaning, Homosexual, Priest, American Church, Pope, Catholic


Oppose Gay Marriage, Waffle on Gay Priests?

The Vatican's right to crack down on gay marriage--though the Church has to address homosexuality in its own ranks.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Marriage, Gay Marriage, Homosexual Marriage, Homosexual, Gay Priests, Homosexual Marriage Evil, Traditional Moral Teachings, Gay, Teaching, Intellectual Fashions


Why We Can't Redefine Marriage

Some believe the word 'marriage' can mean whatever you want. The Vatican asks us to stand up for the politically incorrect truth

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Marriage, Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, Homosexual Unions, Gay, Document States, Word Marriage, Straight Couples Marriage, Homosexual, Widespread Gay Adoption


The Crumbling of Marriage and Culture

Excerpts from letters to supporters by conservative Christian leaders, reacting to news of the last month on gay marriage.

Related Topics: News, Marriage, Family, Law, Research, Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Homosexual Marriage, Family Institute, Homosexual, Family Policy


Are Gays Winning the Culture Wars?

The Supreme Court sodomy decision is about much more than allowing private consensual sex acts.

Related Topics: Gay, Family, Consensual Sexual Intimacy, Religious Traditions, Color, Homosexual, Sexual Intimacy, Homosexual Persons, Sexual Conduct, Marriage, News


Was Sodom into Sodomy?

What the Bible says about sodomy, homosexuality and sin

Related Topics: News, Sin, Behavior, Homosexual Behavior, Sexual Activity, Sexual Sharing, Homosexual, Sexual Sin, Sexual, Creation Order, Adult Homosexual Behavior


Are Republicans Making a Mistake Supporting Santorum?

Even those who love the sinner while hating the sin, do not necessarily think gays are halfway down the road to incest.

Related Topics: News, Homosexuality, Americans, Homosexual Relations, Homosexual Acts, Homosexual, Homosexual Acts Criminal, Conservative Talk Show, Talk Show Host, Gay, Conservative

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