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Five Ways to Get Unstuck

You have goals. Maybe you even see them, not far off, just waiting to be achieved. But, you’re stuck.

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Encouraging Quotes to Persevere in Prayer

Persevere today in prayer with uplifting scriptures and quotes.

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7 Ways to Find Your Inner Hero

Seven ways to find that hero and let him or her go to work.

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How to Handle Negative People

Negative people, in particular, prevent us from making positive changes in our life. Here, then, are some suggestions on dealing with a negative friend or relative in order to preserve your sanity.

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Letting Go


Tame Regret

If regret can sometimes seem like an animal on our backs, there are ways we can tame it. Here are five practical tips for dealing with regret when it threatens to get the best of us:

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Finding Strength in Scripture

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or if life seems out of control--here are seven great Bible scriptures that will help you refocus and rebuild your strength. Let the word of God soothe your mind and let him take the wheel today!

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Transition into Menopause

For most women, menopause doesn’t abruptly come out of the blue. It begins with an interim phase called perimenopause when the body begins its transition into menopause.

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Kisses from Katie

Katie Davis could have carved out a career and established a solid social life, until God radically stepped in.

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Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

In his book, The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, Phil McGraw, PhD, focuses on the importance of getting to the heart of your weight struggles and confronting your “personal truth.” The talk-show host and psychologist outlines what he believes are the seven keys to permanent weight loss. In addition, he helps you set realistic expectations and goals and assess your readiness for change.

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Ways to Relieve Stress and Depression

Cognitive behaviour therapy can help to improve mood and relieve stress. Try these techniques to become your own therapist.

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