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Broken heart


Do You Ever Really Get Over being Cheated on?

Do you ever get over being cheated on?

Related Topics: Relationships, Cheated, God, Jesus, Apron Strings


Why Colton Burpo Leads Us to Jesus

The film “Heaven Is for Real” is based on the true story of a four-year-old Nebraska boy who encountered heaven during an emergency appendectomy.

Related Topics: Heaven, Jesus, Hope And Change, God



I've Married a Non-Believer. Now What?

Are you in a committed relationship with a non-believer and wondering if your relationship is doomed for failure? Here are some helpful tips we promise won’t disappoint.

Related Topics: Marriage, Relationships, Commitment, Christians, Christian Relationships, Love And Family, Challenge, Faith, Pray, Christ, God

Dr. Tony Evans, Power Names of Gods Names, Gods Name For Your Every Need


The Power of God's Names

As you explore the richness contained in the names of God used in Scripture, you will learn to trust the Lord's goodness, rely on His promises, and live in His abundance.

Related Topics: God, Faiths, Name Of God, God Almighty

Young woman comforts her friend


Is It OK to Talk to the Grave of Your Loved One?

Love doesn’t end when another person's breath does. At a time when we're hurting, the last thing we need is someone chastising us for talking to our lost loved one. If you find yourself uncertain, here are a few thoughts.

Related Topics: Death, Loss, Grief, God, Pain, Healing, Loved Ones. Grief, Loved One, Grave, Faith


How to Find God: The Five Ways

Here are five ways to embrace a different way of thinking about Jesus’ life and your relationship to God.

Related Topics: Faith, Finding God, Finding Reason, God, God And Creation


A Spiritual Way of Managing Your Time

We often forget to look at the spiritual reason, and thus the way to a solution, for things we consider practical problems. Everything is Spiritual! Recognizing this, makes for faster learning and resolutions.

Related Topics: Spiritual, Spirit, Time Management, Silence, Contemplation, God, Golden Rule, Service, Work, Respect, Prioritizing, Schedule, Value

Woman gives tissues to a young girl


10 Ways to Deal With Loss During the Holidays

Loss is never easy, especially during the Holidays. Death during this period is extremely tough because it is often sudden and unexpected. For all of us who have lost a loved one during this time, here are some tips to help you find strength and get through the holiday season.

Related Topics: Loss, Grieving, Holidays, Death, Support Group, Memory, Joy, Laughter, God, God's Word, Comfort


Things You Don’t Know about Your Enemy

If you want to defeat an enemy you should get all the facts and history needed to defeat them. The same is true about defeating the devil. By studying the Bible, gaining wisdom, and knowing who the devil is will strengthen your stance during battle.

Related Topics: God, Jesus, Bible, Devil


Answered Prayer

Throughout history man has petitioned the heavens, seeking to be heard and to be known. Today is no different, yet many people would say that God isn’t listening—or that he isn’t answering prayer. We knock, we request—to no avail. Yet in 2 Chronicles 7:14, God has revealed what he looks for from us so that our prayers will be answered.

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