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well being dos and donts


The Complete List of Well-Being Do's & Dont's

You care about your well-being in all facets of your life: Health, Success, Happiness, Friends & Family, and Faith. Avoid mistakes, learn the best way to do what's right. Enjoy a complete list of Do's and Don'ts filled with common-sense reminders for a happy and healthy life.

Related Topics: Prayables, Do's And Don'ts, Faith, Friends, Family, Success, Happiness

BELIEFNET.COM PAGE Page features tips on love, relationships, romance, soul mates, marriage, parenting, spiritual family values, teaching spirituality to children and family spirituality.

Related Topics: Parenting, Children, Soulmates, Love And Family, Dating, Marriage


Is it becoming too dangerous to be a Christian?

Britain’s Prince Charles worries that Christians in the Middle East are facing extinction as Open Doors announces a record tally worldwide of believers dying for their faith in Jesus.

Related Topics: Christian, Persecution, Open Doors, Faith, Muslim, Extremism, Family, Martyrdom, Central Africa, Syria, Coptic Christians In Egypt, Prince Charles


Is the Press Wrong About the New Pope?

Pope Francis I has been full of surprises. But even more startling has been the news media’s incredible inaccuracy as they embrace the Pontiff as a liberal, an evangelical, a renegade and one of their own.

Related Topics: Catholic, Pope, Francis, Pope Francis 1, Christian, Family


What Has Happened to the World’s Newest Republic?

After decades of nightmarish violence, the new predominantly Christian nation of South Sudan declared independence with United Nations supervision and help from such celebrities as George Clooney -- and thousands of former refugees known as "The Lost Boys of Sudan." But now, violence rages once more.

Related Topics: South Sudan, Christian, Family, Muslim, Lost Boys Of Sudan, child soldiers, War

nurturing your family book cover


Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

Here the author Renee Peterson Trudeau will discuss four areas of care that you should focus on in order to nurture your family. If you were to focus on just one area, which one calls to you most right now?

Related Topics: Nurturing Mother, Nurturing Parent, Family, Emotional Well Being


Al-Qaida is back: Was the War in Iraq a Waste?

Veterans are wondering whether their sacrifices were worth it as Iraqi Christians are being persecuted as never before and al-Qaida returns.

Related Topics: Iraq, Christian, Persecution, Faith, Catholic, Church, Family

Woman doing yoga outside


Wisdom for Moving Beyond Worry

Everyone worries. We might worry about the health of our parents and the wellbeing of our kids. We might worry about our finances, our jobs and our relationships.

Related Topics: Worry, Family, Future


Healthy Boundaries: Tips for Families

One of the most important keys to a happy, healthy family is finding a balance between two competing needs—one for closeness and the other for distance.

Related Topics: Family, Parenting, Distance, Children

Ocean Breeze Thumbnail


Break Away from Controlling People

It’s not too late to give yourself the gift that you will treasure throughout your life, wrapping it up as a year-round, realistic New Year’s Resolution as well: aggressively and unapologetically learn to think for yourself.

Related Topics: Christianity, Happiness, Love, Family

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