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Answering the “So what?” Question

God urges us to apply his Word, but too often we stop at accumulating Bible knowledge. Join us as we explore the Bible with these five passages and think more about what God is communicating to us through his Word.

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5 “Sins” That Aren’t Sins

There really is grace, love, acceptance, and freedom in Christ, and if you want to find it, start by crossing these five pseudo-sins off your list.

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Forgiveness Scripture Truths

Christy Johnson's book Love Junkies, can do just that. One of the many things women must do when in a relationship is forgive. Here are 12 forgiveness scriptures truths to help guide you on your road to forgiveness.

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Prayer: Making God a Habit

In her new book, Mom Seeks God: Practicing God in the Chaos, author and mother, Julia Roller, talks about how becoming a mother impacted her relationship with God.

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12 Legendary Life Lessons

Here's 12 legendary life lessons you don't want to miss. "I've learned..."

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Go-To Latin Phrases You Need to Know

The Latin Mass is often called “the closest thing to heaven on earth."

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A Patron Saint for In-Law Problems

Christianity is filled with saints and many of them are well known to the layperson. Take for instance, St. Paul. Very few (if any) Christians do not know about St. Paul and his work for the kingdom.

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8 Ways To Fan Your Flame of Faith

If you’re feeling disconnected in your Christian walk, don’t get discouraged. The Apostle Paul reminds us that we have to continually be filled with the Holy Spirit and to fan the flame. Let these tips from Christian author Steven Smith’s book Nine Steps to Well-Being: A Spiritual Guide For Disconnected Christians and Other Questioning Journeyers help…

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Five Seeds of Faith to Plant in Your Childs Heart

Jeannie explores five essential seeds of faith that parents can plant in their children’s hearts to help them experience God’s love. These five seeds will help our children do more than just “know about Jesus” as their Savior. They will help our children “experience Jesus” as the best friend they will ever have.

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Evolutionary Faith: Know Your Stage of Spiritual Growth

Faith is an evolution of spirit. From the tiny spark inside your soul, to full-grown devotion to God, your spirit is constantly changing and evolving. Here's a short quiz that reveals your stage of spiritual growth

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