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Bunny Easter Eggs


Lessons from the Easter Bunny

Learn some valuable lessons from a simple Easter Egg Hunt!

Related Topics: Faiths And Prayer, Christianity, Easter, Easter Egg


What Do You Know About Holy Week?

How much do you know about the last week of Jesus’ life before his resurrection? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Related Topics: Holy Week, Easter, Death, Resurrection, Crucifixion, Jesus Christ, Disciples, Quiz, Trivia, Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, Lent, Spy Wednesday, Holy Saturday


What Really Happened on the First Palm Sunday

Ever wonder what happened on the first Palm Sunday? Here are four testimonies – from people who were there and saw it firsthand.

Related Topics: Palm Sunday, Lent, Holy Week, Accounts, Jesus Resurrection, Donkey, Disciples, Symbolism, Journey, Transformation, Easter


How Should You Celebrate Palm Sunday

How do others commemorate Jesus’ spectacular return to Jerusalem? How should your church remember that magnificent day? What should you do?

Related Topics: Palm Sunday, Faith, Christianity, Holy Week, Easter


Powerful Easter Poems

Easter is an amazing time to reflect on what the Lord has done for us. Enjoy these poems for meditation, prayers, and to bring hope during this season.

Related Topics: Hope, Faith, Jesus, Easter


What Do You Know About the Disciples Quiz

Think you know the 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz, packed with little-known facts that you can share with family and friends.

Related Topics: Trivia, Quiz, Apostles, Disciples, Faith, Christianity, Easter, Lent, Jesus Followers


Practice the Resurrection Everyday

You can live out the resurrection daily.

Related Topics: Faith, Easter

easter eggs


Joyful Eating: Foods for Spring Holidays

This seasonal transition is supposed to be good’s bright, warm triumph over cold, dark evil, and special foods are always served to make the moment even more delicious, easier to savor. Here are some of the world’s edible holiday tributes to the arrival of Spring.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Holiday Foods, Easter, St Patricks Day, Springtime


Why does my boss have a smudged cross on his forehead today?

Ash Wednesday is not a day of obligation for Catholics and is largely ignored by most Evangelicals and Pentecostals. So, why does it endure?

Related Topics: Ash Wednesday, Catholic, Christian, Faith, Easter, Love And Family, Holy Day

Easter: Facing Violence to Understand the Power of the Resurrection


Easter: Facing Violence to Understand the Power of the Resurrection

The Easter story is more challenging than the tales of fluffy bunnies. “I think that the challenge of Easter is, is you don’t understand the power of the resurrection if you don’t really take in the horror of the cross,” said the Rev. Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary. As violence and cruelty dominate our culture, we must stare violence in the face before we can find the good news. Jones said, “I mean, the good news is, that the love of God just keeps coming.”

Related Topics: Easter Holiday, Easter 2013, Easter, Serene Jones, Odyssey Networks, Holy-Days, Susan Sparks, Story Of Jesus, Christian Holidays

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