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Happy Holidays and the War on Christmas

Beliefnet's bloggers share their thoughts on "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas." Find out which expression they embrace!

Related Topics: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Interfaith, Bloggers, War On Christmas, Dialogue


An Olive Branch
from Muslims to Jews

Can a letter from the world Muslim community to Jewish leaders proposing good-faith dialogue really help? Akbar Ahmed says yes.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Letter, Dialogue, Young Generation, World, Religious Conflict, Global Warming, Relations Center, Muslim, Means Let Things, Verses Talk


'Dialogue' About the 'Da Vinci' Movie? No Thanks

Hollywood wants Christians to have a 'conversation' about a movie in which Jesus is a fraud and church a sham.

Related Topics: Film, Da Vinci, Movie, Youth Ministry Clubs, Studio Film Costing, Christians, Dialogue, Cultural Engagement Means, Fraud, Entertainment, The Da Vinci Code, Movie Tickets


Carving the Path for Muslim-Jewish Dialogue

Our modest attempt at bridging the misunderstanding between Jews and Muslims starts with each truly listening to the other.

Related Topics: News, Politics, Jews, Muslim Leaders, Muslims, Sacred Terror, Respective Communities, Muslim, Growing Sense, Public Diplomacy, Dialogue, Human Rights


An Overdue Reminder That Not All Is Relative

Catholicism offers something no other church does. It's reassuring to know the hierarchy in Rome believes that

Related Topics: Confident Assertion, Faiths, Hurt Anyones Feelings, Ecumenism, Church, Dialogue, Religion, Dont Hurt Anyones, Salvation, Document, Relative Catholicism Offers, Catholic


Pope Hopes for 'Leap Forward' in Catholic-Orthodox Relations

Pontiff urges resumption of theological dialogue by a joint Catholic-Orthodox commission.

Related Topics: News, Bartholomew, Pope, Theological Dialogue, Dialogue, Popes Invitation, Constantinople, Blessed Meeting, Orthodox, Urges Resumption, Century Sack


'Constantine's Sword': A Good Read, But Not Good History

Third in a series of dialogues between Catholic and Jewish scholars, leaders, and clergy.

Related Topics: Faiths, Clergy, Colleges Center, Dialogue, Carrolls, Theology, Contemporary Literature, Question, Boston College, Email Exchange

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