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Kissing under the mistletoe


7 Tips to a Healthy, Stress-Free Christmas

Holiday stress isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s sickening. It literally makes you physically ill if you let it—and many people do. I know that because I’m a pain management doctor and I counsel patients on how to minimize their Christmas-time stress to minimize their pain and other symptoms.

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Stockings hung over a fireplace


5 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Holiday Season

Here are five ways to make that happen. May your season be merry and bright, just as the carols promise.

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Christmas Jokes


Funny Christmas Jokes

Funny Christmas jokes are here! If you love a good Santa joke, you've come to the right place. Add a little humor to your holidays and laugh with these Christmas jokes that say Ha Ha Ha!

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Christmas Babies


Christmas Babies

Here's a picture gallery of celebrity Christmas babies. Plus a story from Lori Strawn, a Christmas baby who celebrates the birthday of the most famous Christmas baby of them all!

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funny, letters, santa


Funny Letters to Santa

These adorable letters to Santa are sure to make you laugh and rethink what's on your Christmas list this year!

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Toddler Throwing Tantrum


Traveling with Tots Can Be a Challenge

Are you excited about the holidays, but dreading those hours on the plane with your kids? Parent travel pros at Kinsights share their advice – unique tips beyond the usual “check your stroller at the gate” and “bring lots of snacks” – about what really kept them sane in the air.

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Wacky Christmas Trees

You have never seen trees like this before. We have trees that are hanging from the ceiling, on the side, built out of lobster traps and more!

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How to Sense God This Season

Here are traditional and alternate ways to sense divine grace this Christmas.

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The Christmas Candle: Are you ready for your miracle?

What can we learn about hope from the residents of Gladbury, England? As the village candlemakers, Edward and Bea Haddington encourage everyone to keep praying for miracles in this classic story by Max Lucado – now made into a major film. But there’s a lesson here for all of us …

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