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N.T. Wright, Surprised by Hope, Bishop N.T. Wright


Biblical Insight With Mr. Wright

Bishop, author, professor, Bible scholar and passionate follower of Christ, N.T. Wright shares his wisdom and insight for Christian living.

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5 “Sins” That Aren’t Sins

There really is grace, love, acceptance, and freedom in Christ, and if you want to find it, start by crossing these five pseudo-sins off your list.

Related Topics: Faith, Sins, Christianity, Church

new funny signs


New Funny Church Signs

You asked for more church signs and we’ve got them for you. We promise these will make you laugh out loud.

Related Topics: Funny Church Signs, Laugh Out Loud, Church Signs, Laughter, Funny, Entertainment, Christianity, Fun

Bunny Easter Eggs


Lessons from the Easter Bunny

Learn some valuable lessons from a simple Easter Egg Hunt!

Related Topics: Faiths And Prayer, Christianity, Easter, Easter Egg



10 Ways to Bring Christianity into Your Household

Here are ten ways to bring Christianity into your home and bring your family closer together.

Related Topics: Christianity, Christian Home, Love And Family, Parenting Advice, Parenting 101, Apron Strings


How Should You Celebrate Palm Sunday

How do others commemorate Jesus’ spectacular return to Jerusalem? How should your church remember that magnificent day? What should you do?

Related Topics: Palm Sunday, Faith, Christianity, Holy Week, Easter


7 Things You Didn't Know About Good Friday

What’s good about Good Friday? It’s a terrible day. If you’ve seen the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” you know it’s the day in which Jesus was treated terribly – betrayed, humiliated, repudiated, then killed in a public execution reserved for the worst criminals of His day. So, what’s so good about it?

Related Topics: Faith, Good Friday, Christianity, Holy Week, Jesus Christ

Golf Clubs


God and Golf: Life Lessons on and off the Course

The game of golf is a lot like the game of life: we run into unexpected obstacles, we struggle with things that seem simple, and if we work at it enough, we can achieve greatness. Here are the four R’s of success in both life and golf from sports psychologist Dr. Morris Pickens’ book The Winning Way in Life and Golf.

Related Topics: Golf, Christianity

Cooky Cutter Love Never Fails


6 Signs Of The End Times

Author Jeff Kinley, looks at Bible prophecy coming to pass in current times in his book "As It Was In The Days Of Noah."

Related Topics: Bible, Bible Prophecy, Faith, Christianity, End Times

7 Adorable Prayers from Children


7 Adorable Prayers from Children

7 Adorable Prayers from Children

Related Topics: Christianity, Children, Prayers, Adorable, Faiths, Cute

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