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N.T. Wright, Surprised by Hope, Bishop N.T. Wright


Biblical Insight With Mr. Wright

Bishop, author, professor, Bible scholar and passionate follower of Christ, N.T. Wright shares his wisdom and insight for Christian living.

Related Topics: Faiths, Christian, Christianity, Bible

Recession-Proof Your Future


6 Ways To Encourage Yourself

When life tries to get us down, how can we fight back? Here are six practical steps to get you going...

Related Topics: Encouraging Quotes, Christian


Faith In The Fog Excerpt

When our faith wavers, how can we get back on track? Christian author Jeff Lucas helps us understand how to overcome.

Related Topics: Christian, Faith And Prayer, Christian Faith, Book Excerpt


8 Ways To Fan Your Flame of Faith

If you’re feeling disconnected in your Christian walk, don’t get discouraged. The Apostle Paul reminds us that we have to continually be filled with the Holy Spirit and to fan the flame. Let these tips from Christian author Steven Smith’s book Nine Steps to Well-Being: A Spiritual Guide For Disconnected Christians and Other Questioning Journeyers help…

Related Topics: Christ, Christian, Faith, Faiths And Prayer, Faith And Spirituality

Man drinking milkshake Woman eating ice cream cone on a date


10 Ways To Fight For Your Marriage

Practice these prevention tips to keep the love alive in your marriage.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Relationships, Marriage, Marriage Advice, Christian

Happy Face


Should Christians Use Technology for Dating?

In addition to all of the popular dating websites, new smart phone apps are constantly being introduced that promise to revolutionize the dating experience. How should Christians looking for love respond to and use these new advances while still holding true to their principles?

Related Topics: Christian, Dating, Relationships, Social Media



My Best Friend is Gay... How Do I Balance Faith and Friendship?

The same-sex marriage debate has caused a lot of Christians to wonder how we are supposed to treat our gay brothers and sisters. Are we called to try fixing people, or can we just love them as they are? Here are 8 ideas to keep in mind if you’re feeling unsure of how we’re called to act.

Related Topics: Christian, Same-Sex Marraige

politics and religion


Same Sex Marriage:Young Republican Support Rises and Evangelical Push Back

Are young conservatives turning the Republican view on same-sex marriage? What does this mean for the future of Evangelicals?

Related Topics: News, Republican, Gay Marriage, Christian



10 Reasons To Reconsider Divorce

If you’re thinking your marital union is crumbling and that you would be much better off divorced – keep reading to see if your marriage is still worth fighting for.

Related Topics: Marriage Advice, Love And Family, Relationships, Divorce Cases, Christian Marriage, Christian

surprised boy


20 Questions Kids Ask About God

Kids say the darndest thing especially about the Bible. Here are 20 common questions kids ask about God.

Related Topics: Faith, Faith And Family, Questions For God, Christian

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