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8 Ways To Fan Your Flame of Faith

If you’re feeling disconnected in your Christian walk, don’t get discouraged. The Apostle Paul reminds us that we have to continually be filled with the Holy Spirit and to fan the flame. Let these tips from Christian author Steven Smith’s book Nine Steps to Well-Being: A Spiritual Guide For Disconnected Christians and Other Questioning Journeyers help…

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I've Married a Non-Believer. Now What?

Are you in a committed relationship with a non-believer and wondering if your relationship is doomed for failure? Here are some helpful tips we promise won’t disappoint.

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How to Respond to Non-Christian Friends

Want to know how to communicate with friends who don’t know Christ? Here’s how.

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What If You Could Walk and Talk with Jesus for Just One Day?

What would it have been like to spend a day with the Lord? To travel with Him and hear Him speak to the multitudes? Well, taking our cue from the Book of Luke, let’s walk the hills of biblical Israel with the Savior of the world and His disciples!

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Faith Unmovable

Edoh’s story in the The Priest’s Son is one that must be told. It is the power of God prevailing over evil. It is faith that triumphs in the face of persecution. It is real. It is raw. You will be inspired—encouraged—uplifted.

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Illness and Recovery


Breaking Through to the Blessed Life

Do not wait until you reach heaven to see the gifts you have been given here on earth. Right now, God wants you to have a taste of what awaits.

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Christ

So, you think you know Jesus? Here are 10 unexpected lessons that Mike Nappa found from the book "God in Slow Motion." Many are startling.

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How to Aid In Your Own Healing

Of course, in times of illness we implore the power of Christ for our healing. But we have to take an active part in our own healing. We have been given the ability to aid in or own healing as well as to take preventative spiritual measures to stave off many of the diseases of man.

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Five Simple Prayers for Evening

As the day comes to a close and we finally find time to relax and unwind, it’s important to spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection.

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A Christmas Challenge

Don't let the holidays stress you out with presents and making sure everything is perfect; instead focus on the true meaning and rejoice for Christ.

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