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Chinese Christians See Bible

Watch as these Chinese Christians see a bible for the first time and are filled with joy.

Related Topics: Inspiring, Faith, Bible, Chinese

Chinese New Year


Proverbs for the Chinese New Year

Observers worldwide celebrate by feasting, letting go of grudges and wishing their loved ones good fortune.

Related Topics: Chinese, Proverb Chinese Proverb, Proverbs, Holiday, China

Asian woman praying pink rose


10 Secrets to a Good Life

Giovanna Pang Garcia, author of "Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke," shares the secrets to success based on blending Chinese core values with American freedoms and innovations. Here is her special recipe for success and a good life.

Related Topics: Chinese, Inspirational, Motivational, Motivational Speaker, Work Ethic, Success, Success Coaching, Asian Americans

Beijing Square


8 Sacred Places in Beijing

As the world turns its attention to Beijing and to the elite athletes gathering there for the Olympics, we invite you to take a virtual tour of the 8 most sacred places in this historically prominent city.

Related Topics: Beijing Olympics, Beijing, Sacred, Travel, Credit, Emperors, Chinese, Sacred Places, Intricate Stone Carvings, Astonishing Imperial Garden, Arched Stone Bridges, Tomb, Noticeable Exhilaration Surges, Athletes


Richard Gere Is 'Always Watching the Mind'

The Buddhist actor talks to Beliefnet about Tibet, the Dalai Lama, and how his life is infused with mindfulness.

Related Topics: Faiths, Violence, Chinese, Meditation Rooms, Mind, Live Coverage, Athletic Contest Outside, Meditation Practice, Tibetans, Buddhism, Getting Kind, Sentient Beings


Ken Cohen: The Tao That Cannot Be Spoken

We understand the divine through experience, not words.

Related Topics: Journal Articles, Gold Medal Artist, Ken Cohen, Chinese, Scholar, Holistic Living, Butterfly Hill, Watercourse Way, Divine


Decoding Destiny With the I Ching

How to use this ancient Chinese divination tool to glimpse the future--and to better understand where you are right now.

Related Topics: Faiths, Chinese, Bamboo Stalks, Ancient Chinese Divination, Personal Questions, Subliminal Subconscious Elements, Tarot Cards, Philosophy, Ching, Question, Answer

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