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Valentine Guy


So Who Was Saint Valentine?

Everyone knows that February 14th is the day that we happily celebrate romantic love. But where did the holiday come from, and what does Saint Valentine himself have to do with it? The answers may surprise you.

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patron, saints, catholic


5 Patron Saints to Call on in Time of Trouble

Catholics, Episcopalians and Orthodox Christians are just a few of the religious groups that honor men and women who are holy and serve as great role models for modern people. We call these holy people saints. A few of these saints are thought to work as advocates for us here on Earth, and they are called patron saints. The following list contains five patron saints to call upon in times of trouble.

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Are Denominations Dividing the Church?

How did today’s church get so divided – Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Mennonites, Orthodox, Mormons, to list just a few? Is it an abomination before the Lord? How do we figure out which group is following God’s truth?

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A Row of Diwali Diya Lamps


Why My Hindu Practice Has Made Me A Better Catholic

A man gains a better appreciation for the Catholic religion from his Hindu practice.

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Catholic Community



Catholicism Videos

Watch Catholicism Videos about the Pope and the Vactican, Catholic prayers, Catholic life and culture.

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Pope Benedict XVI His Journey to the Papacy


Pope Benedict XVI Quotes

Reflect on Pope Benedict's quotes about faith, love and God.

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Catholic Preachers and Teachers

Video advice on faith, marriage, and life's daily problems from Father Jim Martin, Father Albert Cutie, and more.

Related Topics: Catholic Church, Albert Cutie, Father Albert Cutié, Father Jim Martin, Catholic Video, Catholicism, Advice, Catholic, Marriage, Jim Martin

Mary Is My Homegirl Catholic tshirt


Catholic T-shirts

The summer heatwave has begun, so keep cool with these fun and funny Catholic t-shirts. These spiritual graphic tees for Christians will have you wearing your faith with style.

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Baptist Church in Guantanamo Province


Faith in Cuba

Click through these photos on faith in Cuba to understand the current religious landscape from churches to Santeria altars.

Related Topics: Cuba, News And Politcs, Faith, Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, President Barack Obama, Guantanamo Bay

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